3 Simple Changes to Make to Your Resume

Crafting an eye-catching and memorable resume should be a large component of your personal branding strategy.

A modern resume has a sleek aesthetic that sets it apart from every other resume out there. Here are some simple tips to help your resume stand out:

✔ Don’t use Times New Roman. I’ve heard it described as the Honda Civic of fonts. (I drove one for 10 years… so not knocking the car, just the fact that they are common). I’ve always been a fan of Georgia. I’ve also been using Lucinda Sans and Calibri a lot lately. Remember: personal branding should dictate font choice. The typeface chosen for a resume from a finance executive will be different than one chosen by a marketing director.

✔ Recruiters are taught to SCAN resumes, not read them. Headers with titles can frame your resume and give the reader a nice “preview” of the work you do or that you are looking to target. The header is located under your name and contact information and often above an executive summary. This is one of the many reasons why having a clear and targeted approach can help your job search success.

Resume Header.PNG

✔ It’s no longer important to include your home address on your resume. In fact, employers would prefer that you not share it because it eliminates an opportunity for discrimination or bias during the hiring process.

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