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From New York to California


This is wonderful. Well beyond what I was anticipating. I really appreciated the video explanation. I am extremely pleased with your process and the outcome. 

— President, Healthcare startup

“Sarah- First and foremost- WOW. I am super impressed by your work. Amazing. When I grow up I’d like to be able to write like you.”

— Learning & Development leader

“First reaction on the resume and video — I kind of am overwhelmed with gratitude that so much thought and effort was put into this. I know it’s what you are hired to do, but truly to be able to talk to someone for 90m and capture someone like this is a special talent. Thank you!”

— 3X Founder, Technology

I’m really excited to start the new opportunity 9/2020. It’s going to be a ton of work, and a ton to learn. But, I think it’s going to be really engaging, and fulfilling! I’ll be leading the team (and growing the current team into teams – plural) that is building the software platform they are selling, as well as running and growing the general “IT” capabilities over time. I’ve also been referring you to several other friends and people in my network, telling them your process and the investment will pay for itself in no time. Hopefully, some of them take my advice and reach out for your help too! Thanks again for all your efforts. I really appreciate you and all you are doing. Let’s stay in touch as time passes!

— Chief Technology Officer, Vice President of Engineering

I wanted to reach out and provide you with a status update. Last week I received seven job offers. It was absolutely crazy. Nothing for three months and then, BAM! Thank you again for ALL of your help and support! I’m hearing XX is going to go through another big round of layoffs in the next couple of weeks so brace yourself.  The referrals are going to be pouring in!

Sr. Director, Supply Chain

“I sent the resume off to a recruiter “just to get her opinion” on it and she wrote me back that my resume checked all of the boxes. She even offered me an opportunity to interview for my dream job.  Unfortunately, the role isn’t in the right location– but it quickly validated the work you did for me.”

— President, Corporate Real Estate

I appreciate how prompt and thorough every communication has been and found the process delightful. I came out of the resume writing process Iwith better perspective on telling my story and a document that I’m really proud of.

Head of Customer Success, SAAS technology company

“I wanted to inform you that I just accepted and signed a job offer for a Director of Sales Operations role at a new company. While the resume landed me the initial interview, your in-depth intake call really prepared me for multiple rounds of interviews that ultimately culminated in an offer I could not be more happy with. Not only was I able to land a job in this difficult job market, but I was able to land a job at a position higher than what I had. So glad to have worked with you and will definitely recommend!”

— Director of Sales

“Wow.  WOW!! I am thoroughly impressed with the results! This has proven to be one of the best investments I have made in my career.  The “look and feel” of the products is very appealing and inviting.  You and Tricia captured elements of my CV I really haven’t appreciated before.  More importantly, you helped me present my values and strengths in a very  compelling way.  Thank you very much!”

— Vice President of Global Technology

“First off – I love the new resume! Thank you! It conveys a great amount and seems very digestible, awesome! The video was very helpful as well, good stuff.”

— Senior Digital Product Manager

“Upon first glance, all I can say is WOW.  After reading it, I’d hire me”

— Vice President, Healthcare General Counsel

“I had a trusted colleague review the resume who is a former Career Builder employee. She’s seen thousands of resumes and can be critical. There was nothing she thought needed to be changed on the resume. She also asked for your business information. Might have a new client…

— Senior Manager of Process Improvement

I wanted to send a quick note on me personally and an update. I recently sent my resume in for an amazing company in San Diego and my resume stood out so much that the president of the company wanted to interview me immediately because she was so impressed. Since then, I’ve been offered the position and am on final stages of signing the offer to accept and move to California!

I’m so glad I invested in myself last December and I put my trust in you. What an incredible payout to get a promotion and live in the city I’ve always loved. I thought you might want to know that you have been a part of the journey change for me and I’m so grateful.

— Multi-channel Marketing Director

I am very pleased with the bio, resume and LinkedIn summary you put together for me. I will recommend you to my colleagues.

— Chief Information officer, Boston, MA

I enthusiastically recommend Sarah. She has completely changed my perspective on how to look for a job. Sarah is a great mix of a friend that offers complete honesty, cheerleader, and accountability partner. It is evident that she really cares about her clients and goes out of her way to help. She is very knowledgeable about a variety of industries. Sarah taught be so much in a short time. Her services are the best investment you can make in your job search.

— Sales and Business Development, Columbus, OH

I cannot recommend Sarah more highly. I utilized her interview coaching services to prep for a final interview as well as overcome a few repeat questions regarding transitioning from freelance to fulltime in a new market. Sarah and I initially communicated over email where she requested I provide her with as many details as I could regarding my final interview, background, etc. When we spoke by phone for my session, it was very clear Sarah did extensive research and came prepared with all the relevant questions she expected I would get. She challenged me, gave positive and constructive criticism throughout my call, was patient and encouraging. The call was very productive and I left feeling more confident in every way. When I had my interviews, I utilized all her tips and felt more prepared. I can very confidently that my work with Sarah gave me the final prep I needed to land my new role.

— Event Manager, Denver

I thought you would be happy to know I was just offered (and accepted) the perfect next position! You should know my hiring manager commented on my resume and said it was very well-done.

Thank you again for partnering with me on this project. It was well worth the investment!

— Pharmaceutical Sales Manager, Columbus, OH

Thanks for following up. My interview went well and I felt like it was my best performance yet on residency interviews. I felt that the time I spent with you was very productive, and that you have a lot to offer medical students. I think the most valuable thing for me was gaining confidence through practice. Your interview was more difficult than most radiology interviews which are really casual, but I’m glad that I built up confidence by running through those questions. I also found some ways to sneak in my “tell me about yourself” response even though I wasn’t asked that question directly by any of my interviewers.

— Medical Student

Some additional feedback for you – I feel your interview prep services are worth more. I appreciate people/companies who really love what they do and deliver more than expected. You did that for me.

— Vice President in Trade Industry, Washington D.C.

Celebrations are definitely in order! I couldn’t have asked for a better time to hear from you. I’m not just saying this, but your check in call saved the day. I had no idea what to say going into the call. I took your advice and pretty much said the script you wrote out for me. I feel like I would have froze if it weren’t for you.

I left the call feeling a lot less discouraged but wasn’t going to hold my breath. I received an e-mail a little after we hung up. He said that he was glad we talked and that he heard how excited I was about the position. I was offered the job! Thank you for all of your help.

— Claire, Project Management, Columbus, OH

I’ve made it to [XX] and the family will be transitioning here in a few weeks. Thanks so much for all of the help during the interview process. You really helped me frame my answers in a thoughtful way. If you ever need a reference, please let me know.

— Senior Vice President of Innovation

I think it was extremely helpful for him to have you as a career coach. It was important for him to have a professional to work with and guide him. I am very proud of him and glad that he was open to working with you and seeking your advice.

Thank you for guiding him though a stressful process, and for helping him show his best qualities. I will gladly recommend your services to anyone I know that could benefit from them.

— Stephany, Mother of a New Grad Client, Atlanta

Rock star performance! I’m loving where your mind is with this resume. Thank you doesn’t come close to adequately expressing my gratitude for you and your team’s work.

— Corporate Bank Vice President, Atlanta

Thank you for working on my resume for me. It needed to be updated. I didn’t have time and sometimes its a good to have an objective second party look at it. It looks great and I appreciate all you have done. I will definitely refer others to you.

— Alice, Director of Recruiting, St. Louis

The 5 interviews I got last month were a direct result of the LinkedIn job search strategy you implemented.

— Brent, Retail Store Manager, Chicago

I can not recommend Sarah highly enough. After 15 years away I decided to relocate back to Nashville, TN. Before applying Sarah helped me update and prepare my nearly 10 year old resume. After interviewing for my medical job I was offered a job, but at a lower pay rate then I had hoped. Sarah was beyond helpful with helping me know how to counter offer for a higher salary.

— Becky, Nurse, Nashville, Tennessee

Let me just say this: I 100% would not be in this situation if it was not for you. End of Story. Thank you. Thank you!

— David, Medical Student, Chicago, Illinois

Thank you so much for helping me with my resume. I think it looks great I am in awe of your work. Thank you for all the information you gathered and research you did to add and change my resume. I appreciate all the time you took to make the changes as well.

— Charlotte, Training and Events Facilitator, Cincinnati

Wanted to share with you that I submitted an offer letter this week with an early stage venture based in San Francisco. I’ll be an account executive responsible for closing new business.

Thank you so much for all your generous help along the way! I really appreciate your expertise and genuine approach to helping your clients. Please let me know if I can ever be of service or if I can connect you to anyone in my network.

— Account executive, San Francisco

I highly recommend her as she is a true professional, responsive, organized, and truly cares about people and helping them in their careers.

— Laura, Corporate Recruiter, Columbus, Ohio

AMAZING doesn’t do Sarah justice. She is amazing at what she does and how she does it. She is really passionate about helping people find the job they are searching for. She is extremely honest in her feedback about your resume and your needs.

— JJ, Healthcare in Houston, Texas

Sarah helped me write my resume for my first “big girl job” about 4 years ago. Last year, she helped me rewrite it for my dream job for an aviation company. She even helped me write multiple follow up emails. I am not very good at writing professional emails and she really worked with me on presenting myself in a professional way.

— Maddie, Flight Attendant, Detroit, Michigan

Sarah is the best resume and LinkedIn profile writer! I used another professional service a few years ago, and this was hands-down a better experience.

— Director of Marketing, Dallas, TX

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