Power of a Thank You Note in the Job Search

I have been working with a new graduate who was looking to relocate to Florida with his architecture degree.  He interviewed for his dream job.  He loved the company, the manager, the location…. everything was ideal. 

Unfortunately, he found out on Monday he did not get the job. He was obviously really bummed by this news but wrote a very classy thank you note to the hiring manager.  He also requested some feedback in his message for future interviews

. He got a call the next day from the hiring manager. 

The manager told my client that he got his note and asked if he could come down to his office today.  My client, not knowing what to expect,  went to the office to meet (again) with the manager.   The manager shared that they were impressed with his character and even though he lacked some of the experience they were initially looking for that they wanted him for the job.


Bottom line:  Thank you notes can be powerful.

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