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I appreciate your interest in working with me. I’m truly honored. I recognize that job searching can feel overwhelming for some and genuinely appreciate the role that I get to play in my client’s lives.

Please take a moment to review our rates and packages. We offer hidden job market coaching ($199/session), interview coaching ($199/session), custom resumes ($900 to $2500) and LinkedIn branding and training (pricing starts at $799). Many clients also hire us to write executive bios, board resumes, cover letters and networking emails. We recognize that job seekers have unique needs.

Our pricing is based on a variety of factors including the complexity of the project, job/industry targets and years of experience. While we have packages listed on the website, most of our clients work with us on an à la carte basis.

This may be a dealbreaker:  Unfortunately, our client waitlist is longer than average this month. Because our work is entirely custom and every client engagement is a 15-20 hour time investment, we are limited in capacity. If you need a quick turn-around resume (one month or less), we, unfortunately, aren’t going to be able to serve you. We are happy to offer you referrals or DIY resources. If you need a referral, please share project details, and we will do our best to help you get connected to an industry expert with that niche expertise.

Sarah, I can’t thank you enough. Not only have you given me a beautiful and eloquent story to tell, but you’ve given me the confidence I needed to get back out there and start looking. This was a real hurdle and you’ve taken it out of my way. You’ve been a blessing, thank you!

Healthcare Executive

We help clients land amazing jobs.

Our mission is to help our clients land the best possible opportunities through strategic marketing documents, thoughtful career planning and targeted messaging that presents the best version of themselves. As a company, we strive to always be learning, produce superior documents and provide the best possible client experience.

Icon of Navigating the Hidden Job Market-- Job Search Strategy
Navigating the Hidden Job Market-- Job Search Strategy

Develop a plan that will take you from a re-active to a proactive job search.

Icon of Mock Interviews
Mock Interviews

Practice your interview to give you an invaluable edge and a confidence boost.

Icon of The Future of Work is Here™
The Future of Work is Here™

We are on a mission to help job seekers prepare for the future of work.

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