The voicemail greeting you need when you are job seeking

Today’s job search tip is simple: Listen to your telephone answering machine greeting as it could be the first impression that you make to a recruiter or hiring manager. Make sure it’s professional and a great representation of you.

In the last month, I’ve called voice mails and heard the following messages (tweaked only slightly to keep the individuals anonymous):

“Hi this is XX. I’m probably out with friends or at an OU football game. Leave a message and I might call you back” (New graduate) <music in background>

“Hey, I’m not here. Leave a message” (No greeting or name… small business owner)

And one of the worst… automatic voicemails that haven’t been personalized. I always hesitate to leave a message because the greeting does not confirm it’s the right number. Totally stereotyping here, but I have found these to be pretty common among Gen X men.

Here is a simple, tried and true message: Hi there! You’ve reached the voicemail of Sarah Johnston. I am sorry I missed your call. Please leave your name and number, and I’ll call you back as soon as possible. Thanks, and have a wonderful day.”

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